From Garages To Warehouses, Our Technically-Advanced Coatings Are Built For All Kinds Of Concrete Flooring.

At 5-Star Concrete Coatings, we provide the best-looking and longest-lasting concrete coating in the Amarillo market. Our concrete coating systems cure quickly, look fantastic, and are extremely versatile.

Our concrete coatings can be used anywhere you have concrete floors-garages, warehouse facilities, showrooms, "man caves," workshops and even outdoor patios and pool spaces!

Three Ways Our Concrete Coatings Boost The Looks, Performance, And Lifespan Of Your Floors.

1. Our Concrete Coatings are Beautiful

Concrete coatings make your floors look phenomenal and enhance the overall aesthetics of the entire room. Our concrete coatings totally transform a space and make it pop.

We provide a wide variety of coating designs from chip and quartz to metallic, and marbleized 3D!

All of them are absolutely beautiful and come in different colors, so finding the perfect coating for whatever look and feel you want is fast and easy.

2. Our Concrete Coatings are Practical

Concrete coating are also a practical way to enhance the performance of your floors. They require bare-minimum maintenance and are ultra-easy to clean. Plus, anti-skid and anti-slip properties make them a safe solution for both homes and businesses.

And while epoxy concrete floor coatings take about a week to cure in order to walk and drive on, our polyurea coatings cure in one day. You can walk on it within four hours, and drive on it within 24 hours! That's practical.

3. Our Concrete Coatings are Tough

Our concrete coatings installation techniques go above and beyond including: cleaning, reprofiling, and fixing your floor with the best materials available.

First we apply a base coat that cures for a full hour for maximum adhesion. Then we apply a special top coat that's so tough, our coated floors come with a full lifetime warranty on discoloration from UV rays, as well as peeling, blistering, and chipping.

We ONLY Use 5-Star Concrete Coatings Installed By The Highest-Certified Technicians In West Texas. We Do It Right, Or We Don't Do It!

We start every project by painstakingly inspecting your concrete surface. Then we go over our findings with you making sure you get the best possible solution within your particular budget.

Other coating companies? They just "eyeball it" and hope your project ends up looking right!

Not at At 5-Star Concrete Coatings. We take the time to carefully prep your concrete using a 600lb grinder for maximum adhesion and long-lasting durability. Then we only use the most technically-advanced coatings on the market today - Penntek Coatings.

And, since ALL our coating experts are Penntek Certified Installers, your top quality coatings will be installed according to Penntek's rigid installation standards. That means we can offer the best long-term warranties in the business - hands down.

We've done thousands of concrete coating projects in West Texas. We have the tools, expertise, and track record to do your concrete coatings job right...the first time. You could save $300 so schedule your FREE concrete inspection and quote today!

Beautify And Protect...For Less Than You Would Expect!

Transform your concrete floors for less than a cup of coffee a day!

It's true-we can transform you garage, driveway or outdoor patio for as little as $99 a month.

How? Through a combination of fair prices (we work within your budget) and excellent financing.

We have a financing plan for practically every homeowner with approved credit. Call us now to discuss your options!

Why Choose 5-Star Concrete Coatings?

Here Are The Top 6 Reasons