Chip Coating System

5-Star Concrete Coatings

Versatile. Durable. Beautiful. The Choice Is Yours.

Our three-layer Chip Coating system incorporates small vinyl chips to produce a slip-resistant, orange peel-like texture.

It delivers the beautiful look of granite and the durability to resist chemicals and heavy foot traffic. Our Chip Coating is crafted from 100% solid polyurea and specially made for extreme adhesion and quick curing time.

Our Chip Coating system utilizes three distinct layers for top-grade strength and stability.

Don't settle for less. Our chip system uses polyurea-a material that's much stronger and more flexible than coating systems that use inferior products. With a polyurea basecoat and topcoat, our chip flooring is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and even UV damage.

Great For:

  • Garage Floors
  • Service Areas
  • Offices
  • ​Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Production Areas
  • ​Veterinary Clinics
  • ​Restrooms